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In comparison with the high cost of television live broadcast or approval matter, web based live video broadcast offer a much more better flexibility and accuracy which attracts more and more individuals in applying it. .


However, to set up a online video streaming needs purchasing complicated software, expensive hardware devices, employing professional technicians, equipped with a lot of network bandwidth resources for the platform.

These will cost in energy, material and financially, which is wasteful.


Why choose us?


Low cost: no complicated software, expensive hardware, no professional technicians needed and no ample network bandwidth resources needed; you only need to pay a low setup fees.


Accurate broadcast: by using code embedded in pages, it can be broadcast in multiple sites simultaneously withouth being limited to a single platform anymore.

In fact, we also provide services in helping you to locate the broadcasting sites.


Real time interaction: No registration, no login, allows user to interact in live broadcast page, message in chatbox can be manageable in administration page including downloads, etc.


Simple operation: user-friendly, easy to learn, one click to access to live broadcasting, not much skills needed for broadcasting staff.


Easy to use: direct register, rapid approval, then you can decide when to broadcast in anytime you wanted.


Convenient to view: to access the broadcasting page, you don't need to download any plug-ins, applications or any special video player (only need windows media player which comes along in any system) to be able to watch live broadcasting video.


Real-time recording: during broadcasting process, our servers automatically start recording without the need of other settings.


Screen flow: fast real-time release of videos, we provide clear and smooth broadcast videos.


Fast access: Through real time recording, the system automatically and quickly generates into video to enable user to replay it after the broadcasting.


Wide range coverage: our live video broadcast provides users to be able to access good quality broadcast no matter where they are in the country.




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